Setup Slack Notifications for Google Forms.

Send customised Slack notification when anyone submits your Google Form.

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it works in 3 simple steps

Get started receiving slack notifications on your google form submission in less than 5 minutes

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Step 1

Generate Webhook Url

Create and app and get webhook url submit that in the SlackNotify App.

Step 2

Write Message

Write the message template you can use the {{question}} as varible which will be replace with the answer.

Step 3

Save & Done

SlackNotify will do the heavylifting of sending SlackNotifications on you Google Form Submit.

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SlackNotify ready make the google form more useful to link to other apps through webhook. Although it has the name of slack but it works well with any webhook. You can customized the json fields send to your custom webhook url. SlackNotify is really easily getting 5 stars from me.

Johnson Pau

App has been super helpful for raising visibility from internal/customer feedback. Ran into a hiccup and the developer jumped on a zoom call to quickly resolve the problem!

Gregory Ely

We really enjoy this app. Very easy to use and set up. Great instructions and good support. Thank you!

David Bischof

Sanskar Tiwari, has been helpful with some huge sense of urgency to make sure we able to use the feature to it's full strenght as we tackle all our business duties.

Emmanuel Brand